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 NEW 2020 / 2021 membership form now available...!!!!


Attention all Charvil AC members.

This years syndicate membership has really taken off for Charvil Complex, and thus it's expected that the lakes will be busier then ever, therefore it is very important that we adhere to our rules and booking processes. I've quoted the important rules below as a reminder for all.


(Full rules and booking process can be found here?..

Fishery Rules -

Charvil Ac rules -

Booking procedure - )


Only paid members in possession of a Charvil AC photo membership card are entitled to fish the lakes of Charvil complex.


ALL members must carry their membership card with them at all times whilst fishing, You will be told to stop fishing if a bailiff asks to see your membership card and you cannot produce it.


Charvil AC have 3 tickets to fish the waters with a maximum of 2 anglers per lake/river on any given day.


Booking in advance is compulsory,  Successful booking will be confirmed via E-Mail and also viewable on the Charvil AC online booking calendar.



To book your fishing you must E-Mail us at [email protected] giving the relevant details. You must not proceed to fish until you have received confirmation of your booking. Please allow at least 24hrs for booking confirmation.

Charvil Angling was founded in 2011 Club was founded in 2011 to represent the interests of Charvil residents and manage access to the waters on Charvil Country Park.

The lakes and river within the country park are leased by Wokingham Borough Council to Atomic Tackle. One of the terms of lease is that local residents retain the right to fish the waters. Any Charvil residents wishing to fish on the country park must join CAC in order to access the day tickets provided by G Force.

 We have 3 waters available to us

 1) Canberra, this is the main lake (16 acres) and contains LARGE carp.

2) Orrell, this is the smaller lake (2.8 acres) and contains a mixture of coarse fish with carp upto 20lb

3) A stretch of the R Lodden (600m) running from the railway bridge upto the Tywford Rd. This contains chub / barbel / roach / perch etc.


Haupt Lake is so overgrown that it cannot be fished and is to be left as a wildlife area.

The Heronry has been designated a nature reserve and as such there is strictly no fishing. 

Click Below for our PDF application form....

CAC Application Form 2020/21 


For the latest river levels click here 

For the Wokingham Borough Councils Official Charvil Country Park webpage click here

G Force Charvil Country Park website