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Charvil Angling Club Rules

    1)            Membership


Membership of Charvil Angling Club (hereafter referred to as CAC) is exclusive to Charvil residents (residency defined as living in a household paying precept to Charvil Parish Council, via your council tax).


Anyone becoming a member will abide by the CAC rules and Atomic Tackle fishery rules at all times, anyone found breaking these rules may have their membership suspended or cancelled with no refund.


The membership period is June 1st to May 31st.


The fee for adult membership is £10 per season.



2)            Booking of tickets


The fishing season will run from 16th June to 31st March on Canberra and Orrell Lakes and 16th June to 14th March on the Loddon.


Before fishing, members must book in advance one of the 3 tickets and have received confirmation that their booking has been accepted.


Before trying to book, check the bookings calendar at


Any booked in members unique membership number will be entered on the day which they have booked, if there are already 3 numbers entered on any given day then this day is already fully booked.


The tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis.


Only one booking at a time may be made no more than 2 weeks in advance, (an overnight session would constitute 1 booking). CAC reserve the right to review and alter these rules depending on demand / usage.


In the event of cancellations the Booking Officer should be advised as early as possible.   Same day bookings are acceptable subject to receipt of confirmation from the Booking Officer.


“All members must have a confirmed booking before fishing.


A maximum of 3 anglers can fish on any given day and a maximum of 2 anglers per water.


To book…


E-Mail your membership number, the water you wish to fish, the date you wish to fish and if you require a key to [email protected] and await a return confirmation E-Mail.


A sample E-Mail could be…  


014, Orrell, 13/7/11, Key please.


With a reply being


014 booked on Orrell for the 13/7/11, Key No1 will be available from the key safe from 6pm the previous day. Keysafe code is 1234

Please return the key through the letter box of No4 Wenlock Edge immediately after fishing (please note any lost keys will be charged for at £10 each)


You can also check that your booking is in by checking out the website calendar where all bookings will be visible.


If you do not have internet access then you can send a text between the hours of 16:00 – 18:00 to either  07879402457 or 07813845886 with the same information as above and again await a confirmation text.


Please note the replies for both methods may not be instant….


Please note:- DO NOT PHONE these numbers, these are the phone numbers of volunteers helping to run the club and are not able to take phone calls on behalf of Charvil AC.


Before attempting to book, if possible please check the online diary to ensure that tickets are available.


If you have requested a carpark key then this can be collected from the key safe located at 4 Wenlock Edge. The code for the key safe will be advised in your confirmation reply.


We would like to know what’s being caught and from where, so if possible please E-Mail your catch reports, photos etc. to the club E-Mail address. [email protected]




3)            Juniors


Children under the age of 12 may not be a member of CAC but may fish in the company of an Adult Member on the same peg.


Children aged 12 to 16 may only fish as a Junior Member of CAC and must be accompanied by an Adult Member on an adjacent peg.  Both the Junior Member and the Adult Member must book one of the 3 resident’s tickets as described above.


The fee for Junior membership is £5.00 per annum.


Junior membership will cease at the end of the season in which the member reaches the age of 16 years.


No one under the age of 18 is allowed to night fish alone (defined as 15/30 minutes after sunset and 15/30 minutes before sunrise) Under 18s wishing to night fish must be accompanied by a member aged 21 years or over on an adjacent peg.


Members are reminded that anyone aged 12 or over must be in possession of an Environment Agency Rod Licence when fishing.




4)         Car Parking


There is a locked carpark available with access via a key.  When booking your fishing please indicate if you wish to borrow a carpark key. 

Please return the key through the letter box of 4 Wenlock Edge immedialty after fishing.

Any lost keys will be charged for at £10.00 per key.



Wherever you park please park considerately and ensure that there are no valuables left in your vehicle.


Atomic Tackle and Charvil Angling Club will not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur to your vehicle whilst in the carpark.



5)            Guests


Guests are permitted, however these are limited to a maximum of 2 and will count towards the 3 anglers per day rule. Guests must be accompanied by a member. Guest privileges will be monitored by Booking Officers. Guest tickets will be issued at the discretion of the committee depending on demand/usage.  Guests to be recorded on the booking diary and booked under the member’s number.  There is a charge is £5.00 per guest.  Members are responsible for the behaviour of guests they book in and also to ensure that they are fully conversant with the Club and fishery rules.


Remember there is a maximum of 2 CAC anglers allowed on any one water at the same time.



Anyone can contact the club by sending an E-Mail to [email protected]



Please note: - A valid Environment Agency rod licence is required before fishing any freshwater in the UK, these can be obtained from the post office.


Please help support our fishery’s sponsors, G Force